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NIFTY Snapshot

Today’s Close: 8097 All time High: 9119.20 52 Week Low: 6638.55 Down from All time High: 11.2% Up from 52 week low: 21.96%

My last detailed outlook was on 16th September 2014 NIFTY was 7932.9 – my wordings were “greed is good and its time to be greedy” from then NIFTY made high 9119.2 on 4th March i.e. less than 6 months which is 15% with all twists and turns being updated on twitter and more frequently to subscribers.

In all NIFTY points made during period:

  1. Sep-Dec – 600 points positional 1000 points squeezes
  2. Jan-Apr- 1600 points positional 1500 points squeezes

Net : 4700 points in 6 months which is 780 points per month !!

Moving forward today will be the bottom out day , precise buying commentary on twitter during the day.

Market outlook : NIFTY 8650-8840-9228-9400

Disclaimer : Our blog, twitter are only my views and are never an investment advice.

ABirlaNuvo Other trade ideas for the week , followup

  • ABirlaNuvo did our target 1474-1700 , fresh buying is advised in the range 1670-1710 with tgt 1770-1810-1900

  • Maruti Suzuki our long term call, can b traded for immediate tgt 3160

  • Motherson Sumi buy tgt 444-456

  • ITC buy for immediate tgt 368-374

    Arvind Mills , TVSMotors doing well keep trading and hold for tgt.


Market Activity Report, Data Points of the Past Week and Upcoming Week Market View

FII Activity for the  Past Week

Date Cash Index Futures Index Options Stock Futures
15-Sep-14 -74 -1395 925 -532
16-Sep-14 -828 -163 1076 -30
17-Sep-14 136 53 997 103
18-Sep-14 -9 645 39 81
19-Sep-14 -6 -43 1520 56
 Total -781 -903 4557 -322

India VIX(Weekly Change): 11.8875  -0.4775  -3.86% 

NIFTY PCR Current Month:1.13
Index PCR: 1.03

Highest Open Interest in NIFTY

Call : 8200(7522600) CE Put : 8000 PE(8427300)

Federal Reserve as expected did nothing, and when it has already stated what it is going to do i.e. start raising rates from early 2015 it’s foolish to expect something new every fed meeting . I know several persons who were extremely panic because of this fed meeting and most of those fearful guys cut their positions at the lows of Thursday’s first 10 minute(I know at least few persons who were holding good long positions since long time and cut that day at bottom ) , but what happened after that you all know well. We in our earlier post has clearly said : It’s time to be greedy and it continues .

Expiry Week 

As we see 8000 PE and 8200 CE has highest OI so its normal to expect expiry above 8000 and below 8200 . But there is a big but , FII’s are continuous buyers of options and sellers of index future and that is not in small quantity but just for past two weeks it’s 6615 Cr and -2269 Cr respectively . So expiry can give big big move . Which is expiry bet? Definitely few things for Paid Subscribers and can’t give exotic platter in free lunch. For expiry bet the price is 15000/-

Big stocks move coming

There are at least 15 F&O stocks we have identified which are going to give 20-50% move(some in negative direction!! in-spite of positive medium term market outlook) and 6 pure cash stocks which are ready for 30-300%  returns . Serious persons may inquire  for the same on mail(valuecm@yahoo.com) or WhatsApp 

New Trading positions, TVSMotors, Arvind , NIFTY, follow up

Fresh buy recommended in

  1. NIFTY buy between 7930-7990 tgt 8181-8400

  2. ARVIND Mills buy between 298-301 tgt 344-360-380

  3. TVSMotors buy between 200-212 tgt 228-248-260

McDowell lready in decent gains , hold ffor fpositional targets already given.

Our favorites CanBank, SBI, Tata Steel, PNB hold for positional targets already given , keep trading half quantity .

Index PCR 0.92 NIFTY PCR 0.92 !!!!






FII Activity for the  Past Week

Date Cash Index Futures Index Options Stock Futures
08-Sep-14 1162 193 809 -81
09-Sep-14 479 -267 -178 -150
10-Sep-14 -9 -828 908 -759
11-Sep-14 433 33 565 -512
12-Sep-14 182 -497 -46 -637
 Total 2247 -1366 2058 -2139

India VIX: 12.3650  -0.15  -1.22% 

NIFTY PCR Current Month:1.15

Index PCR: 1.0

Highest Open Interest in NIFTY

Call : 8300(6667550) CE Put : 8000 PE(8425850)

Data Points of the  Past Week

  • July IIP at 0.5% versus 3.4% in June
  • August CPI dips marginally to 7.8%

Coming Week

  • US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy review – Wednesday
  • CPI inflation in early trade on Monday
  • WPI inflation data


NSE from tomorrow is adding 5 new f&o counters. Following is the list

Sr.No Name of the Security Symbol Lot Size


Market Outlook 5 Aug(RBI )

For all recommendation must keep in mind markets are not going to be as simple as that of Mar-May one way rally.

Rate Outlook : Though any rate cut is unexpected Rajan may bring surprise 25 bps cut in CRR/Repo Rate

Index Outlook

We have recommended buy in Bank NIFTY @15300 lvl for tgt 15550-15680

Option Bet : Bank NIFTY 16000 CE tgt 210-330

NIFTY: 7660 given earlier is a crucial pivot on closing basis. Very short term tgt 8841+ ;bias positive (from where to start will be crucial for real gains)


PNB buy tgt 988-1033-1088

SBI buy tgt 2528-2588-2750

RelCapital accumulate for tgt 680-748-810 in coming days and keep trading few qty in declines

ABIRLANUVO hold for 1800+(Already given on twitter)

Market Outlook for Coming days

We have seen spectacular rally(Feb-June) as was told well in advance and now markets have digested and capitulated well in the last one-two months. Moving forward we are seeing decent opportunity ahead till Diwali 14 at least 1000“tradable” NIFTY points in Aug-Oct timeframe . The major difference this time will be opportunity available in Options and good volatility in commodities too. In the last run-up (feb-june election time) not much was available as “tradable” option opportunity , but this time its good for options too.

For trading the upcoming market opportunity we are offering Diwali Special package for interested candidates. For details fill your details below or visit:Diwali Special

Market Outlook July(Budget Spl)

Index Outlook

NIFTY buy range above 7660 tgt 8100-8400

There are two scenarios :

1.Pre-budget spike till 7900+ – in that case better exit ur holdings and take rest for till Aug

2.Post –budget secular rally : NIFTY holding 7660 by the time of budget and trading in range 7660-7850 will give further secular rally uptill 8100-8400 levels with stocks performing .


CANARA Bank (424-430) buy tgt 488-522-580

JPASSOCIAT (66-68) buy tgt 84-105

UNITECH (28-29) buy tgt 38-44-48

RELCAPITAL (600-610) buy tgt 680-748-810


Serious traders may join our profit share service . No advance

For Details mail to valuecm@yahoo.com WhatsApp(only): 9431813147


Election Special Mkt Outlook

Hello !

Hope you people followed the warning I gave ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=609781549059215&set=a.145866655450709.21344.117265118310863&type=1&fref=nf ) on our FB page and Twitter .

Now the time has come for using the energy conserved.

Our Market Outlook For till Mid-June :

Index Outlook :

NIFTY Positional Buy in 6175-6275 range with tgt 6800-7200-7700 SL closing basis 6100.

Though our target seems exorbitant it is yet to be seen that even after achieving the targets ‘option buyers ‘ esp Index Option buyers will make same kind of money as that of future . Our inclination is that “this should be future traders market rather than option traders “ ; though this is prelim expectation which might change but still even after having bullish outlook with huge movement expected I suggest cherry picking options and better go with stock options rather than index options.

Those planning to buy just b4 election results might be disappointed this time as its not 2009 its 2014

Few stocks selection :

· JPASSOCIAT(38-40) buy tgt 54-66-74

· UNITECH (11-12) buy tgt 17.5-22-28

· ADANI ENTERPRISES (250-260) buy tgt 288-360-480

· SBI (1475-1520) buy tgt 1788-1920-2220-2600

The list is long and for those who are serious to play the upcoming ride may join our election special : http://valuecm.com/elections14.htm